N.A. Ice Map
The Ice Age and Origins of the Humber Watershed
Toronto, Ontario


Overview of the
Humber River

Global and Continental Glaciation

Land Form Development in North America

Geological History
of the Great Lakes

Development of the
Oak Ridges Moraine

Geology of the
Humber River Watershed

Ecology & Recreation

Early Inhabitants

Maps of the
Humber River Watershed

Photo Gallery - Humber River Watershed
Humber Bay Morning

Humber Bay Morning looking East to Downtown Toronto


This website is dedicated to the memory of Dr. R.E Deane Department of Geology at UofT, who introduced me to the intriguing science and academic challenge hidden behind the obscure & colorless title of "Pleistocene Geology.

His treatise of 1950, and his field trips in Simcoe County to find Ice Block Ridges and to the Don Valley Brickyards to view their world famous Varved Clays are a memory that are as fresh to-day as they were a half a century ago.

His premature death in a Scuba Diving Expedition at Tobermory, Ontario changed my career but not the interest he instilled in me for Glacial Geology that has been central to a personal and ongoing "University without Walls"

Robert Galway BA, MD, FRCS(C)

| Deane, R.E., 1950. | Pleistocene Geology of the Lake Simcoe District, Ontario. Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Memoir 256, 108 pg.

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