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N.A. Continental Glaciation

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The Channeled Scablands - After a Glacial Ice Dam Burst

Many physical processes contribute separately or in unison to create the many land forms that clothe the planet we inhabit. Many of these physical features we take for granted, others give rise to expressions of wonderment.

One of the agents for some of the most incredible scenery canvasses are those resulting from glaciation. The following is a list of the more easily identified land forms created through glacial action.

However, one of the most dramatic of the visual areas in North America caused by a cataclysmic Ice Age glacial event with the Esoteric name "Jökulhlaup - an Icelandic term", are the "Chanelled Scablands" of Washington State east of Missoula, Montana.

The following are links to descriptive images of the following common glacial physiographic features.



Roche Moutonnee


Terminal Moraine



Glacial Valley & Fjords

Ice Block Ridges

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