N.A. Ice Map
The Ice Age and Origins of the Humber Watershed
Toronto, Ontario


Overview of the
Humber River

Global and Continental Glaciation

Land Form Development in North America

Geological History
of the Great Lakes

Development of the
Oak Ridges Moraine

Geology of the
Humber River Watershed

Ecology & Recreation

Early Inhabitants

Maps of the
Humber River Watershed

Photo Gallery - Humber River Watershed
The Humber Watershed

Humber River Origin in Mono at Airport Road - Fall 2011

Recreation in the Humber River Watershed - Selections

1. Hiking
Boyd Conservation Area-Hiking

Hiking in Ontario

Humber Heritage Hiking Trail

2. Fishing
Fishing the Headwater Country

3. Biking
Biking along the Humber River

4. Canoe/Kayaks
Canoe along the Humber River

5. And More
Photography along the Humber River

Dufferin County Museum

A Shared Path - Humber River Heritage Park

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